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7 Days To Die

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[PvE][SNEAKNHIDE][EU+] - [500%XP]

[PvE][SNEAKNHIDE][EU+] - [1000%XP]

Why should u Start playng on Sneak N hide server?

We got plenty reasons for that :)

Server Side Mods
All Mods in our server are server-side, they doesnt reguire install on client-side.

Stable Connection
Our technics grant you the best Connection in Europe!

Custom Mods
We are constantly launch new ideas about custom mods so we are always one step ahead from the other servers.
High Performance Server
CPU: AMD Ryzen™ 9 3900 12-Core RAM: 128GB
Frankfurt, Germany
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Sneak N Hide (sNh) community has grown beyond the borders of just a game server. We built our community on proper solid foundation. Donating to Sneak N Hide (sNh) is not just about helping us pay for a server, its about helping bring bright-minded players closer-together and sharing our passion and love for gaming and modding.


These rules are made to ensure order on the server!
Any Player who Join our Server will automatically accept our server rules

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